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EMT - Basic Student Worksheets/ Study Guides

Emergency Care 12th Edition

Chapter 1 Worksheet

Introduction to Emergency Medical Care

Chapter 2 Worksheet

Well Being Of The EMT

Chapter 3 Worksheet

Lifting And Moving Patients

Chapter 4 Worksheet

Medical, Legal, And Ethical Issues

Chapter 5 Worksheet

Medical Terminology and Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 6 Worksheet

Principles of Pathophysiology

Chapter 7 Worksheet

Life Span Development

Chapter 8 Worksheet

Airway Management

Chapter 9 Worksheet

Respiration and Artificial Ventilation

Chapter 10 Worksheet

Scene Size-Up

Chapter 11 Worksheet

Primary Assessment

Chapter 12 Worksheet

Vital Signs and Monitoring Devices

Chapter 13 Worksheet

Assessment Of A Trauma Patient

Chapter 14 Worksheet

Assessment Of A Medical Patient

Chapter 15 Worksheet


Chapter 16 Worksheet

Critical Thinking And Decision Making

Chapter 17 Worksheet

Communication And Documentation

Chapter 18 Worksheet

General Pharmacology

Chapter 19 Worksheet

Difficulty Breathing

Chapter 20 Worksheet

Chest Pain And Discomfort

Chapter 21 Worksheet

Diabetic Emergencies and Altered Mental Status

Chapter 22 Worksheet

Allergic Reactions

Chapter 23 Worksheet

Poisoning and Overdose

Chapter 24 Worksheet

Abdominal Pain and Discomfort

Chapter 25 Worksheet

Behavioral and Psychiatric Emergencies and Suicide

Chapter 26 Worksheet

Hematology and Nephrology

Chapter 27 Worksheet

Bleeding and Shock

Chapter 28 Worksheet

Soft Tissue Injuries

Chapter 29 Worksheet

Chest and Abdominal Trauma

Chapter 30 Worksheet

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Chapter 31 Worksheet

Injuries to the Head Neck And Spine

Chapter 32 Worksheet

Multisystem Trauma

Chapter 33 Worksheet

Environmental Emergencies

Chapter 34 Worksheet

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Chapter 35 Worksheet


Chapter 36 Worksheet


Chapter 37 Worksheet

Patients with Special Challenges

Chapter 38 Worksheet

EMS Operations

Chapter 39 Worksheet

Hazardous Materials, Multiple-Casualty Incidents and Incidents Management

Chapter 40 Worksheet

Highway Safety and Vehicle Extrication

Chapter 41 Worksheet

EMS Response to Terrorism