Is there an age limit to take the EMT-B course?

No, there is not age limit to take the EMT course, you just have to be 18 years or older.

Do I need to have my high school diploma or ged to get into the EMT course?

No, you do not need a high school diploma or ged to take the course, but it will be a plus after you graduate and are looking for work.

Do I need a drivers license to get into the class?

No, not to get into the class, but after you complete the course EMS agency’s rarely hire EMT’s without one.

I have a criminal conviction, can I still take the course?

Yes, you can still take the course but you will have to be cleared by NYS EMS in order to take the Final Practical Exams and Written Exam.

Is Code One authorized by the state to offer the NYS EMT class?

Yes Code One is authorized by the state to offer this course, just call the New York State Department of Health Bureau of EMS or visit them online at:

My NYS EMT certification expired 10 years ago, can I still enter into the refresher course?

Not as a refresher, if it was 2 years since the certification lapsed then yes, but more than that you will have to enter into the class as an original.

I want to become a Paramedic, what do I have to do?

To become a Paramedic (EMT-P) you first have to take an EMT-B course, Then it is recommended that you work 6 months to a year before entering into a Paramedic course (EMT-P).

Where does most of Code One’s student body come from?

Our student’s come from all over the area to take our EMT course.

Top Ten List Below.





5.Westchester County

6.Nassua County

7.New Jersey


9.Putnam County

10.Dutchess County

How do I register?

To register you will have to come down to our location and fill out the registration form. (For a faster process you can now register online), Be sure to bring a Picture I.D. and the deposit of $200.

How often do you offer the EMT-B Course?

We offer the EMT-B class (evening hours) 4 times a year, about every 3 - 3 1/2 months. We offer the afternoon course (2pm-5pm) 3 times a year, about every 4 months.

What does Code One Offer that other schools don’t?

Code One offers free tutoring sessions for each of our students, our courses run between 170-185 hours which exceeds the state minimum requirement of 150 hours (which a number of other schools offer), and we provide our students access to chapter study guides. Just to name a few.

Do you “Guarantee” job placement?

We “ASSIST” with job placement. A number of EMS agency’s visit our school to recruit from our classes, we also provide our students with a list of all EMS agency’s that are currently hiring. We cannot guarantee our students a job. The reason for that is because every EMS agency has their own hiring process that can consist from anything from a 100 question exam to a drug test. (This is why we can not guarantee everyone a job.)

Which agency’s regularly hire your students?

The EMS agency’s that regularly hire our EMT student consist of:




Citywide Mobile Response

Lifeline Ambulance

Hunter Ambulance

and more...

Also Many Student After Graduating From Code One Have Moved On To Become Paramedics, Nurses, and Doctors.

How much do EMT’s make a year?

EMT’s will make between $33,000 - $53,000 a year depending on place of work and experience. Not including overtime or night differential.

Does Code One accept vouchers for tuition?

Yes we do accept vouchers, from Vesid - Access and the VA, call for more information.

I can’t seem to find the books and equipment for class in any stores, do you sell them?

For Students that are not paying the $1400 Option we advise that the students check on for the best prices and availability.

As for the equipment we do sell it in the office but please be advised that it will not be needed until the third week of class.

How much do the EMT courses cost? Are payment plans available?

The Original EMT course is $1200.00 (Includes CPR book and Uniform Shirt) EMT Refresher Course is $600.00 (Includes CPR book)

Original EMT Payment plan (Option A):

Registration - $200.00 (For March 2016 Courses and Beyond)

First Day of Class - $475.00

Third Week of Class- $265.00

Sixth Week of Class (Final) - $260.00

Total: $1200.00

Original EMT Payment plan (Option B):

Registration - $200.00 (For March 2016 Courses and Beyond)

First Day of Class - $1200.00

Total: $1400.00 - Includes Everything

See EMT Course Page For More Info.

Refresher EMT Payment plan (Not Challenge):

Registration - $150.00

First Day of Class - $225.00

30 Days After First Day of Class - $225.00

Total: $600.00

Is a uniform required for class?

A uniform shirt is required for all class sessions which is ANY royal blue polo.

If I have more questions can I contact you?

Yes you can contact us anytime, feel free to visit our contact page for our office number and emails.


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